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Brooklyn, posts from the channel

Talks about pregnancy family! I need immediate help. My friend was just assaulted by her partner and the cops were no help about protective orders. I tried looking up vine, could it be too soon? What site shows inmate status?

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Has anyone ever had a hysterectomy? When did you feel "normal" again? I feel normal as in I can go about my day to day life, but I still can't run or lift like I used to.

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Where do you buy jewlery for your little one? I want something cheap enough so I wont die inside if she loses it or breaks it, but I want something that will last her.

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This is my little boy. He was a survivor. When we found out I was pregnant, the doctor claimed it was an abdominal pregnancy and demanded I abort. I begged my husband to back me up and get a second, third, forth opinion. I am super pro choice, but I suffered a miscarriage the month before and couldn't lose a baby by my own choice if it wasn't definitely a medical concern to me. I was misdiagnosed and he was in my uterus like he should be. Then I was told I had a subchorionic bleed. One bleed be... Read more

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Cant lie, I missed some of ya'll. Cant say I'm back for good, but back for now. There is some good support here and I need it right now. It's like running away from home. Sometimes its for good and sometimes it's for now. I almost died giving birth, but it made me cherish life more than I ever did. If anyone ever needs support, I am here❀

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Can I move somewhere where it's this weather all the time? Finally got the kids to the park so they could play on their bikes. We all needed the exercise and Vitamin D.

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Finally got the nerve to sell my Ava bracelet. Even though were done with kids, the finality of it all is a little heart breaking πŸ’”

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Bought brand new online and the day after it shipped I got my BFP. Never opened and couldn't return. Trying to recoup the 250+shipping I paid.

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Going to ask Casey Anthony to watch my daughter while I run out and get another $30 face cream to replace the one my daughter used as finger paints this morning.

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Sometimes, we all need a reminder.

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My children have no shame.

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Go home Wal-Mart. You're drunk.

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Can we please set up some sort of IQ test before people are able to join this app?

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Has anyone ever implemented the Montessori Method with their children? Did you stick to a schedule or just use their materials?

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This dude at the gym had somuch cologne, I had to abandon my treadmill while it was still running πŸ˜‚. I couldn't breathe πŸ™Š

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People get way too butthurt over not getting something for Valentine's day. Don't shit in someone else's cheerios because you hate your own life. It's a made up holiday anyway. Buy your own shit.

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Totally safe, right?

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Scrolling through this app makes me realize how bad I suck at this Valentine's day thing. I could've at least dressed my son in some red for school or something πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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