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I really need to stay off the phone completely at night I sent both my brothers text messages and I don’t even remember sending them. Stupid anxiety and the medicine I hope I can get this under control without needing it.

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Took my medicine can’t stay awake anymore good night mommas 😘❤️

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Packing my daughter diaper bag for the hospital. What all do/did you lovely ladies have in yours?

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Been waiting to see this, The Black Panther is on Netflix

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Got my flu shot today, took my oldest with since he had to get a school physical. Now my arm hurts lol

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Anybody else worried about how their baby will react when they are older to their name? Like it can go either way. I didn't name my son something to crazy like Chicago lol My sons name is Benjamin Franklin 💵

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Taking all three of the kids to the the dr today wish me luck hope I come out alive 😂😂😂

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11 more days hopefully sooner.... Who else is close to their duedate?

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Getting induced Thursday. Excited and nervous at the same time.

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I can't stand that my baby won't eat her vegetables 🤦😡

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They deserve to rot in prison

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This is why I hate buying Pringle’s they end up alll over the floor lol 😂

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When you can’t even pee in peace if it isn’t the kids it’s the cats lol . Just realized I spelled peace wrong haha

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My house smells so good apple mango tango!

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I’m gonna go with this one😊

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Did anybody get their daughters christened? If so where’d you get her dress from?

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Just thinking of my tasks makes me exhausted to the point where I want to nap.

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Before and after, my inlaws gave us the purple one 3 years ago and they gave us this black one today! They’re leasing a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee so we went from a 1997 to 2001 it may not seem like much to a lot of people but we’re grateful for what we have.

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just saying I don't see how some of u ladys down talk the man that gave u the best gift u can have yea i know no one's perfect but damn if he's that bad why did u lay with him and it's not after we had the baby he started he was showing signs the whole time u just ignored them till u had the baby now u grew up and he still the same 💯🚮😣

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