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started my 4 months old on solids cause his dr said it was ok cause he is advanced he gets oatmeal at night and that's it well he hasn't pooped yet I gave him application juice it didn't help and gave him about 4 little spoons of prunes to help but he still hasn't gone should I give him more prunes his last poop was last Friday and I didn't start food until Monday I stopped the oatmeal the last 2 days and still nothing he is going on day 10 no poops should I give him more prunes idk what to do ... Read more

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got a love when u wake up at midnight to the boob you last fed on hard as rock and u gotta pump cause your babyw is still sleeping and not waking him up 5oz later I could still pump about another 2 oz but only have 5 oz bottles lol but man does it feel better all milked for the most part

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I love nursing my son to sleep when he is tired he was so tired but barely fussed while I shower real quick I got out and he just stared like mom I'm hungry and tired and I see my food lol so I sar down popped the big boob in his mouth and ten minutes later he is asleep just suckling I love it I love know my power of being able to get him to sleep for a nap so quickly

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I'm so happy my husband and I and our 3 month baby found a place in our price range finally....I'm so happy in a month I get to move out of my dredded inlaws house I can't hold my excitement in

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ugh I'm trying to loose this baby wieght but every time I work out even a little work out I get cramps it sucks makes me not want to work out but my son is 3 months today and I gotta start getting into shape again my goal was walk as much as possible until he hit 3 Months then start doing crunches and squats and all that good stuff I wanna have my body some what back by the time he is 6 months old I'll never have it fully back cause I'm cover in stretch marks but I want to be skinny at least wit... Read more

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ughh trying to fine a place in my area to rent in our price rage that is 2 bedroom is so Hard I wish people would be more helpful and caring I have a 3 months old and it's jaunt me and my husband like we have a baby and he works nighy I promise we aren't gunna party but people don't understand

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I have a question what are the best storage milk bags I use medela save bags now but they soon are not gunna be big enough I don't want ones that will leak I want good ones

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woke up now tired again and shielding his eye from the light cause its to bright lol I love my little man

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So first time since my son has been born (he will be 3 months next week) that I took him out of car seat and put him right into crib with out cuddle to get him to go back to sleep and he went to sleep all on his own in the crib it's been a battle from day one to get him to sleep in his crib with out falling asleep on me first and I'm very happy he finally went in the crib without a fuss don't get me wrong I love cuddles but I also love cuddling with my husband lol its also hard when I don't cudd... Read more

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my babys favorite way to sleep

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