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Talks about pregnancy

Okay so I'm not trying to offend anyone but I don't understand the concept of "stay at home mom" if the children are school aged (and not home schooled) what do they do ? I'm seriously asking

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My 2 Year Old can't count to 10...someone give me some hope that she'll get it soon. Lol

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Happy 6 months baby girl 😘😘 she's growing so fast 😅 #myfirstpost

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I'm still shocked I'm having a girl. I literally don't know what I will do with her after all these years of just boys and me being the only lady in the house.

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I want another baby SO bad but the Time isn't right...and I'm single now. It's going to be a long time before I get in a relationship and get pregnant again. Waiting for that someone(if it's destined) just seems like it'll be forever.

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Needy hair after her nap

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Have started trying to give Brielle "school work" so she gets used to having to sit in one spot for a while. Today's school work. Lol

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Hunter lee ( my stepson) with his real mom and step father they were baby shark for Halloween

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So I have boxes of pampers diapers that I want to trade out at Target. Do I just tell them they were purchased at Target for our baby shower and that's it? I have no receipt. Just want to get the target brand instead because they fit him better.

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My daughter is 1 1/2month she my world

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Hello #myfirstpost

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Haha I used to make cakes like this HP cake....then I had a baby who won't let me put him down due to a growth spurt....and this is the type of cakes I make now. Not proud of this monster cake but what can you do. :/

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Brielle : " I don't like my favorite sock!!" 🤔🤔😑😂😂

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23 days of pumping and 318oz in the freezer. Is this good? Do I need to up it somehow? I feel like I have no gauge for what to be doing. So I just keep trying to get the most I can. Initially I was 4-6oz a day total (1 pump session) and now I am at a steady 21oz every day (haakaa every feeding plus 1 pump session) stored plus 3 oz in a bottle. Thoughts appreciated.

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New group Insomnia Moms if you want to join @mombie. @sparkly_unicorn_ or myself in the comments or a message. :)

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We need a group for moms who just can't sleep and want to randomly chat until they can. Lol who's in?

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I take cute pics of their play room, but this is how it REALLY

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So may not be big to some but I am stoked!! Officially broke 200oz stored in the deep freeze today!! 204oz in 21 days! I am to the point that each day I pump or haakaa 18-21 oz. 3 oz go to 1 bottle at night, the rest the freezer! 😍😍

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Some got stuck

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Baby boys daycare picture

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