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Talks about pregnancy

I think someone’s punishing me for eating so late 😭 I’ve been in the restroom most of the day.. this 12 hr shift can not go by any slower! 😭

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Just cleaned my car out... I found old French fries, chicken nuggets, pizza crust, carrots, chips, juice boxes and a Elsa toy that was preventing people who set in the passenger seat from moving it back. 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ my daughter has no respect for my car! I’m surprised I didn’t find a family of roaches.

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Since everyone doing the 10 yr ago challenge. This is me a now breastfed mom

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I’ve recently found out about a toddler who fell into a well in Spain. I am honestly traumatized and anxious for the family and for that sweet boy. I hope he is okay and that they rescue him soon.

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33 weeks pregnant and I’m feeling so exhausted at work !!! I am a server. And it get super busy. And my back kills me towards the end of every shift. During my shifts I feel like I can’t walk anymore. My waist hurts a tun. I didn’t want to stop working this early but do you guys think I should tell my Doctor how I’m feeling regarding my job ?????

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So I left my Milk Snob on while we were taking our holiday pictures 🤦🏾‍♀️ #Momlife

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Post partum depression..

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I’m going to start selling beanies for children. Any advice?

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Message me moms 💓

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Absolutely can’t stand my landlord... this man is so nosey it’s ridiculous. I let my sister park her wrecked car in our driveway for a few days. He calls my SO and says “who’s car is that in the driveway, it needs to be moved because it makes the property look raggedy and the neighbors made complaints to the city and the city called me and told me it needs to be moved” like why are you lyinggg?? 😂🙄 my daughter was playing in the yard just two days ago and runs in the house and says “mommy I see... Read more

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Let’s be friends, anyone?

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Hey ladies ! I have a cold !!😭 The left side of my tummy hurts everytime I cough a lot ! Do you guys think that is normal or that I should see a doctor ! I just don’t know if this cough can harm my baby in any way 😭

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The way my son acts is just TOO much. I definitely feel he has some type of hyperactivity going on. Can anyone relate or have suggestions how they manage to calm down their children or get them to use up that energy?

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Follow me on twitter Miasdays

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my daughter 💓

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Debating which of these is better as a entry way I really like more vintage looking one! I think I can just add pillows on top and make it seem like a trunk

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Active mom-to-be expecting March 31! Hi! #myfirstpost

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Hi ladies !!! Has anyone of you had your baby on the same dude date doctor gives you !? Has yours been weeks late weeks early ?? Share .... 🤗

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How long does it normally take mom life to contact you back after you’ve messaged them?

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Selfies with Grandma😍💋✨👧🏽❤️👶🏽

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