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I love God,I love Jesus christ,just realised how he beautifully loves us.

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— My hubby and I just had our bible study at ours how strange! Jesus rocks!

— @jumpingjellybeans, indeed he rocks! i wanna have a bible study atleast each's verse jeremiah 29;11. lets share His love xxx

— Is that on an app? Do you get a verse a day?

— @jumpingjellybeans, yes it is.Iam religious :-D

— Which app do you have? I have the nicky gamble one bible in a year. But my hubby has bible gateway. I must admit though finding time to read the app is tricky but I read most days when I'm locked away in the bath!! Lol undisturbed by the kids! Lol

— comment was deleted

— @jumpingjellybeans, but am proud of you,since u try n read it.I use verse-a-day app n this bible app,though nowades I love reading bible itself, as i get distracted with fb n such chats. looting for a bible study n prayer item mummy :-)