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Please help a first time mom here!
Ok, I had my 20 week anatomy scan today and it took about an hour and a half because the baby's head and body was facing down and he didn't want to cooperate by facing up and the doctor was able to measure and see everything clearly but she wants me to go back in 2 weeks to check the heart and kidneys. She says that nothing is wrong but since the baby didn't want to face up she couldn't really check the heart and kidneys out. She made me pee, then drink water, walk, change position to see if the baby would move but nope. Nothing worked. I'm afraid though.. Do you think she possibly saw something she would like to check out again? And just didn't tell me to not worry me? Or may she just be telling the truth, that the baby didn't really let her see and check out the heart and kidneys ? :(
Also, I'm 20w2d but baby is measuring 19w3d!! That's also worrying me! :/

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— chances are there's absolutely nothing wrong. they'll usually tell you if there is especially if it's your first time. and the baby measuring a week small is normal. due dates are just estimations. your due date could be off by a couple days or even a couple weeks.

— hey I don't think u should be worried! that jusf happened go me I had one this past Monday I was 18 weeks and 6 days and I mean mine would show her face but she wants me to come back so she could look at the viens in the baby's heart, but she was measuring 20 weeks and 0 days and I was only 18 weeks and 6 days, the ultrasound lady told me not to worry too

— my son did the same we had to go back but everything was fine

— same thing happened at my anatomy scan he was facing my back so they couldn't get all the images so we just did another ultrasound at my next appointment and they were able to get the images..everything is perfectly fine! Our little ones are just stubborn sometimes lol..just think of it as an extra time to see your baby

— the exact same thing was said to me. but it was the face, lips, hands , and spine. the way the doctor explained it to me is they get checked on the quality of their pictures and they have to get a certain level of perfection from pictures. and since they couldn't get clear pictures they wanted her to get a little bigger so the pictures would be easier to get. but everything is 100% fine. also babies can very a lot in size early on. so don't worry unless they tell you its something concerning. hope that helps . :)

— I had to go back 4 baby was very stubborn and didn't want to show us any good pictures. nothing was wrong they just wanted better pictures to make sure...mostly of her face and heart.

— Ahhh thank you girls. You guys have truly calmed me down I was so afraid. I'm already paranoid about everything and then being in the office for almost 2 hours trying to have the baby move and the doctor having me come back just really freaked me out. I'll be back in 2 weeks! Thank you xoxo 😍🤗 @eskawho @mylittleprincess @kristanicole @aek91 @aimeewhitt @mommyanddude

— I had to wait a month for my second ultrasound when they couldn't get pictures. its on Wednesday. :p

— After your anatomy scan, did the doctor come in to see the results? Or the tech did the anatomy scan and just let you leave? @mylittleprincess @eskawho @kristanicole @aek91 @aimeewhitt

— @juliannap i always have my scans before I see my doctor so I did the scan and the tech said ok good we got the pictures we needed and then I went to see my doctor and she said everything looked good

— @juliannap, the doctor looked at the pictures and the report that the ultrasound tech made and then he came in and talked to me and went over what they saw. he told me size, weight, percentile, etc. but mine may be a little different because I see my OB in Family Medicine and get my ultrasounds done in Maternal Fetal Medicine.

— But did you see the doctor the same day? I'm still worried. I have my follow up tomorrow. But, 2 weeks ago when I had my anatomy scan the doctor came in immediately after the tech did the scan and reviewed the pictures. That's when she said everything looks great but that the baby wasn't cooperating (they couldn't get good pictures of his heart and kidneys) so I need to come back :/ ugh I'm so worried. I'm praying to God that everything goes well. @JR istanicole

— @kristanicole ^^^

— @juliannap, yes after the anatomy scan I saw my doctor and she said we will just have to do another ultrasound at my next appointment because they couldn't get all the pictures they needed. ya my doctor always looks at the pictures before she comes into the room and always tells me how they looked. So nothing sounds alarming to me :) I bet everything will be just fine!

— yes after my scan my tech let me go wait again and see my doctor