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Remembering to take prenatal's will be the death of me. Any suggestions for me? I could only take small pills or non sugary gummy ones. #worried

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— try the gummy ones ...i liked those better

— take them every morning with breakfasy. put them on your dining table

— I take the gummy ones too

— Put them out next to your alarm

— I always set my alarm ⏰ on my phone 📱 for 1pm 🕐 easily reminded... Gummy is better

— the gummy ones work good for me. also don't over stress about it. the vitamins are for you , not baby. its just to replace what baby's taking from you. :)

— Thank you girls! I will head over to the store and find some good gummy prenatal's asap. :)

— I take them before I go to bed every night, they're on my night stand. That might help! And they're the gummies

— yea that was my problem to...smh I can't take pills & I hated the gummy ones I jus didn't take them...

— I had gummies and set a reminder and still forgot to take them

— i usually take them with food.. so when decide to eat..i take them.. and my phone tells me.. my bladder is alays full so i thunk oh snap a baby..prenatals gotta eat

— i saw the vitafusion gummies..are they good i dont see any zinc or iron in them... mines are high in zinc and iron and folic acid but i hate them