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Who has spd?

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— 🙋🙋🙋😢 this makes 3rd time

— what's that?

— @arijane316 Google.. Spd during pregnancy

— @blessedw7, what helps you relieve some of the pain?

— I think I might, gonna talk to my midwife about it Friday

— @kmelton12 sadly only cure is giving birth... But I gave a exercise ball that I sit on and it feels like I'm sitting on a cloud ☁ it helps relive the pain, Tylenol helps at bed time So I can rest and a chiropractor helps but I just don't have the money for 3 times a week... Always keep your legs together when getting out of bed or car 🚗, stay prop up never lay on your sides it makes it worse

— @sarahemccormick, me too! @blessedw7 yes, omg getting out of the car hurts so bad, and sleeping and rolling over in the night makes me cry