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Think I might to give in and by reins for my two year old. I have always said I never wanted to get them but it’s getting to the point where he won’t go in his stroller, he runs off in the supermarket and when outside he’ll make a beeline for the road thinking it’s funny. He thinks it’s a game and I’ve tried telling him it’s naughty. Any tips as I feel like pulling my hair out

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— Maybe get the one where it's a backpack but has a rein attached to it? Or when you get the pram for new baby buy the rolling step that attaches to the pram so he can stand on it or a scooter maybe? Just an idea x

— I have these for my 2 year old he loves them he thinks his buzz and he puts all his little toys In there that he wants to take out it’s cute they do different ones as well x x. X

— We had the buzz lightyear backpack like @tazrobs89 suggested! Would totally recommend 👌 we still use it now just without the reign bit as he likes to copy his dad and wear a backpack haha

— @beffgoude, my boy loves it definitely a good buy xxx

— @mum2sky, @beffgoude, @tazrobs89, Thanks ladies well I definitely know what I’ll be buying 👍🏼. Fingers crossed he likes it xxx

— Before children when I was ignorant and and naive I always said I hated and wouldn't use reins! Then when my sister had my nephew who I looked after occassionally. I realised how wrong I was for assuming the worst lol. So I got some for Morgan as like your lo, he hated the pushchair but was so quick and nifty he could slip out of my hands and run off. Wouldnt listen etc. We used reins a handful of times which he hated to begin with. We don't drive so we walk a lot and unfortunately I think it just comes down to time and practise. Walk to the Park and shops, somewhere safe to practise walking with you. We pulled out the reins a few times when somewhere really busy. They can be helpful.