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Does anyone else have a infant that squirms a lot? If so anything you can do to help? (I will add that my little one is gassy and has some colic so that may have something to do with all the squirming)

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— My LO squirms all the time. Especially her feet. If you take the legs and make a bicycle motion and have the knees go up and gently hit the lower tummy that might help woth the gas. I did that with my daughter. We call it baby jazzersize. Lol. I put on 1 song and do her knees like that through the whole song .

— @kaytibug2009, I try to do that but he is so squirmy he won’t let me take control of his legs.

— @jenniferlamarand try putting your fingers behind his knees when you do it. That gives you the ability to make them bend so you can. Just apply a little bit of pressure and he will bend his knees so you can move his legs.

— @kaytibug2009, will do! Thank you

— @jenniferlamarand not a problem. That's what I do with my daughter. Every day we do it for at least 1 full song. That's maybe 5-6 minutes.