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So when I was pregnant my in laws were t around like you would expect them to be .. for New Years we went to Ensenada & it was fine until the day we came back arguing with my husband and my brother in law when in fact my brother in law was at fault .. they stopped talking to us for 3 Months ...I stopped working March 21st & my baby shower was that weekend which was the 25th me & my husband had to go to their house on that Wednesday to basically beg for them to go when we didn’t have too ... unfortunately I missed my baby shower due to the fact that my princess decided she wanted to come out on the 24th .. anywho after I had my daughter I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they were going to be in my daughters life but they haven’t they haven’t spoken to us for months I blocked them on social media because who are they to be looking at my pictures of my baby ? Yesterday my husband randomly got a text from his father saying he wants to see the baby .. me being the mother that I am & me seeing how they are said nope ... is that bad ? Let me just make it clear as well that there is another granddaughter in the picture and she gets all the special treatment ... am I a bad mother for not letting her see her other grandparents?

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— I was the same way. Except it was with m mom. At first I was like nope they’re not gonna see her. So I stopped coming around and taking my daughter to them. Instead i waited until THEY came to see her. It was honestly really hard but I decided it was best bc I wanted Harley to have s relationship with grandparents. And put my anger aside. Lol.

— I’d let him see her but him only cause he asked

— My daughter has my parents .. but his parents are another story .. they treat my husband so bad . They tell our niece stuff about my brother in law and sister in law .. I don’t want them telling my daughter stuff about me or my husband they are so childish . & only reason why they texted is because of the holidays it was the same thing last year except not as bad as this time ..

— @eryka616, that’s cause he didn’t ask . He just said happy 7 Months to your princess .. we miss her & my husband told him why did it take you months to write to us and he just told him just forget that I even texted you ..

— @emerieloveg, oh then forget it fuck them✌️ your daughter has enough family she doesn’t need them.

— @eryka616, that’s what I’m saying hopefully my husband agrees with me !