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So any mommas have babies with asthma that have to use did you get your kid to do it without freaking out. I know they say crying is good when they do it, crying isn't the problem. She full on goes nuts and starts failing around and screaming bloody murder...and that's just when we turn on the machine! πŸ™„

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β€” I do. Do you have the mask or just the mouth piece?

β€” ^^^^ just about to ask the same thing. I do also

β€” @beebaby, I have both

β€” We have the mask and I would let my son hold it himself. He was a few days away from turning one. Once it seemed like it was helping him he would calm down.

β€” I would just sit with her and let the mist from the mouth blow into her face if she doesnt like the mask until she realises it won't hurt her

β€” My step daughter had to use it and she’d always pull it off. I’d kind of cacoon her tuck her legs under mine sitting cross legged then hug her tight.

β€” @orionsmomma, @beebaby, @db413, I'm hoping she gets used to it. Holding her down didn't work the best. She's tough for an almost one year old! πŸ˜‚

β€” My oldest has asthma, in the beginning he was fine with the mask as he got older he was over the whole mask thing. So since he's almost 5 I use just the steam to his mouth and nose or the mouth piece.

β€” @lizabeth.1294, sit on her if you have to πŸ˜‚. I know it sounds horrible but she needs her medicine.

β€” @db413, oh I will, I want her to be better, even if it makes her mad for s few minutes

β€” @lizabeth.1294, it’s worth it.

β€” @db413, @tiinii, @beebaby, @orionsmomma, @kkmamax3, just an update! She's doing soooo much better with her treatments! I put her extra mask on her stuffed puppy and and she'll just hug the puppy and hold my hand now. She only cries a little when I first turn on the machine. Thank you ladies for all your help😊

β€” @lizabeth.1294 awesome. I am glad she is getting better

β€” @lizabeth.1294, wonderful! 😊

β€” @lizabeth.1294 that's great. Glad she's feeling better.