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Is it bad to give your child milk before bed and in the middle of the night?

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— I think there's a worry about teeth issues if they're allowed to sleep with milk on their teeth. Like, cavities and rot. If you brush afterwards it shouldn't be a problem at all.

— @nomli so give them water she doesn't sleep with it just to get her to sleep

— That's what we do sometimes, water. Not often though because he'll pee through his diaper if he has liquids too late.

— @nomli thank you 💛 Im trying to get her off of it completely with drinking thru the night I'm just trying to take small steps

— Small steps are the best! We only got him off bottles completely a month or so ago, and we started switching to cups when he was 9m! He held onto that morning bottle so hard.....

— @nomli she didn't mind to give them up at all its just those 2 (1 at bedtime and 1 in the middle of the night) I'm going to try a sippy cup tonight in the middle of the night to see how it does