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The first two I wasn't really tracking. But starting at 8:09 is when I did start really tracking them

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β€” Ima guess either tonight or tomorrow, you will be in full labor!

β€” @kkmamax3, I hope! They're not painful tho.

β€” @cameronsmommy17, not yet πŸ˜‚

β€” @kkmamax3, I just tracked another one and it was 9minutes part from the last

β€” @cameronsmommy17, when they become about 5 or 6 minutes apart, it’s time to go in! Do you have everything packed?

β€” @kkmamax3, I do! Yeah my mom just said once they became 5-6 minute apart consecutively to definitely go in and if they started happening while I was here to let her know

β€” @cameronsmommy17, so exciting!

β€” @kkmamax3 very and nerve wrecking lol

β€” @cameronsmommy17, most all medical professionals go by the 4-1-1 before u should go to the place u will give birth. 411 is 4mins apart for 1 min long for at least one hr best of luck girl

β€” @txyogagirl, thank you!

β€” I suck at tracking. I really don't know how lol