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Hi, I’m just here to get the best advice on pre pregnancy and hopefully get more tips when I’m actually pregnant, anything is helpful. Just trying to gain more knowledge to be better for me and my future child

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— well taking a vitamin with folic acid is good also you can eat foods that produce folic acid also even before you are pregnant

—, what foods have folic acid? And you mean like a prenatal supplement?

— Take prenatal pills! Track when u ovulate!

— @anthonysmommie072816, how do you track that? I’ve heard a bunch of different thing, but I’ve never been pregnant before so I have no idea what I’m doing

— @samonecarter0324, if u have a period tracker it does it for u or they have ovulation test u can buy from any drug store

— @anthonysmommie072816, I have my birth control in so I haven’t bled in a long time so I’m not even sure when it is

— @samonecarter0324, if ur trying when are u going to get off it? Cuz that’s ur first step so u could get back into having a cycle

— @samonecarter0324, u should do research on folic acid your body does not absorb it because it's a artificial supplement not from natural sources. You should be taking folate which some people get the 2 confused but like I mentioned do u own research on this. It's good when the cord is developing to the placenta so it's essential in the beginning but not needed later but can't hurt to continue. Also like the other lady said take a prenatal start that now and choose a plant based one from natural food sources. Get plenty of rest bc u will need it. Don't have sex daily have sex every other day. Know ur body is made to do this and handle the pain of labor and birthing a baby. Your made for this don't give in to every little thing a OB or person tells u because only u know ur body.

— November 20th is the day I’m getting it out