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Did you guys get the flu shot or no ?

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— Yeah my doctor just made me get it

— No. And it’s your choice.

— Yes

— @tattooedbaylove11713, how did it make you feel

— I did just my choice

— @theinkedmommy, I refused, I just didn’t want to risk it I mean I know they say they’re safe I just didn’t feel comfortable taking it

— @neat_neat2 I felt fine, no symptoms.. They recommended it because its flu season & I havent gotten sick

— @neat_neat2, They can’t make you get it. I did get the TDAP, but not the flu shot. And my daughter will never get one either.

— @theinkedmommy, yeah I said I would get the TDAP one later on when they offer it but I just didn’t want the flu shot, it kinda felt like she was pressuring me but I was just like no I’m okay I don’t want to take it

— @neat_neat2, I’m for shots, just not that one. I’ve never heard anything good about it.

— @theinkedmommy, yeah I’ve never gotten a flu shot and I’ve never had the flu, my husband got one and had a really bad cold afterwards that he’s just getting over so I was like naaah

— I got mine and the Tdap.

— I'm all for vaccines but my daughter and I don't get the flu shot! I wouldn't personally recommend it, but it's up to you!

— @tayler, I didn’t feel comfortable taking it so I turned it down

— @neat_neat2 Good choice I think! I felt the same way. I got the flu shot one time years ago and literally ended up with the flu afterwards and I had never had the flu before! I get chest and head colds here and there but never the flu so I figured why take the shot?

— @tayler, I’ve never taken the flu shot and I’ve never had the flu , and yeah I get a cold very seldom so I was like I’m okay especially when my husband got sick after taking it

— Yes I did

— Nope. Flu shot has the most recorded injuries. I don’t vaccinate my kids. But that’s my personal choice. Did my research. That’s all.

— @neat_neat2, I felt okay I’m really glad he gave it to me cause In the beginning of my pregnancy I was really sick with a cold and I hated it I can barely imagine catching the flu especially since one of my brothers looks like he catching it and he’s around me a lot

— @tattooedbaylove11713, okay I guess it affects people differently

— @neat_neat2, I got the tdap. No flu shot yet. I hear a lot of bad stuff. I was gonna get it not so sure now 🤔😩

— @kingstons_mommy805, yeah I said I was gonna get the tdap but I turned down the flu shot, I just didn’t feel good about it so I turned it down, I never had a flu shot or flu so yeah

— @neat_neat2, I haven’t had the flu while pregnant but I feel like I’m getting a little sick /: idk what to do lol

— @kingstons_mommy805, they say don’t get it while you have a cold it can turn to flu or make your cold worse , you can let it run its course then get it