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Ugh why do kid's have to cry for everything šŸ˜ šŸ˜’šŸ˜”

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ā€” My day today too!

ā€” My day today I think I lost my mind by now! I went to my bathroom and just cried it out too lol

ā€” @ilovemyfam Awww i know sometimes I feel like crying too...

ā€” @kelseyp16 ugh I was so over today since this morning...

ā€” Somethings in the air, my 2 year old had been like this all day šŸ˜’

ā€” @kkmamax3 Could be... Glad to know I am not alone...

ā€” @loving_the_mommy_life, my marbles have been lost since about 11 this morning.

ā€” @loving_the_mommy_life honestly it'd my first time in forever breaking down

ā€” @kkmamax3 ugh mine since 6 am then lost again at about 4 pm until 8 pm ugh...

ā€” @ilovemyfam Aww mommy life is not easy...

ā€” @loving_the_mommy_life, we are having late dinner, so they are still up šŸ˜‘

ā€” @kkmamax3 Awww enjoy hope your night is calm....

ā€” @loving_the_mommy_life, as soon as daddy gets here with food, they are going to eat and go to sleep. Cause Iā€™m checked out once daddy comes through that door

ā€” @msgarciaa It's really frustrating..