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Well looks like I'll be getting a divorce soon. My "husband" would rather take care of our first child over our second because she's his favorite. Won't even acknowledge our second daughter because she isn't his favorite, all he think he has to do with our second is feed and put her to sleep.. doesn't play with her, acknowledge her any other way and just doesn't seem to care too much about her. I'm just really done with him tbh, it's been a long time coming and I thought the marriage could've worked but I'm not tolerating him acting a certain way when he wants and not taking care of HIS kids the way he is SUPPOSE to!

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— Omg that's not right. How does he think it's gonna make her feel when she gets older and he's still doing the same shit? Smh that's just some bullshit. I'm sorry but that just makes me feel bad for your daughter the way he acts.

— @mommabeardarnell1, exactly and he thinks what he doing is alright. To think it is another because I know SOME parents have favorite kids, but to actually show it and full out ignore her cries just isn't right and I wouldn't want to be married to a BOY like that. I rather be on my own and she never have to go thru that, it's just all messed up and it makes me cry every time I look at her because she's so innocent and only 3wks.. how could you disown a child that young and is yours?? 😔

— @babybluntsmommy If my husband ever chose a favorite out of our 3 kids I would be leaving with all 3 until he decides to grow up and accept all of them instead of just 1.

— Did he actually say that? Most men are afraid of babies. My husband barely acknowledges our daughter but in my case I know he loves her like crazy. He will at least hold her for a few but he never feeds her or puts her down for a nap. He is just afraid of babies and all the spit up and poop. Lol if you do divorce you may end up with a nasty custody battle on your hands. 😕

— I really don't want to divorce but a separation wouldn't even change anything. If I left he would still be the same, no ones feelings matters but his to him. Anything I have said or would say he wouldn't listen to, everyone else matters but my thoughts and feelings. I have cried multiple times about his behavior towards our newborn and he doesn't even make him want to change, knowing that I'm hurting FOR her because of how he treats her and that doesn't even shifts his behavior even a little.. even knowing I never had a father myself and how strongly I want him in BOTH of their life's. never thought he would act this way with her, but I should've sense he acted the same with our first. I just can't be married to a guy who thinks it's ok to completely ignore his daughter when he needs her most, can't trust him :/. And yeah he actually said he doesn't love her yesterday while we were talking, that was my breaking point. Especially since he was there for this pregnancy since day 1.

— And I just talked with him today about custody and he literally said he would only want custody of our first, not our second daughter.

— @babybluntsmommy oh um so sorry!