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Does the name and stacking ring look weird with my wedding & engagement rings? I like it but want another opinion

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— That is so cute 😍

— Its perfect i love it

— Super cute!

— @mommybear95 thank you, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one who thought they were cute together lol, I wanted to find a stacking ring with my sins birthstone to go with them, but couldn't in my price range!

— @virgosweetness @kkmamax3 thanks ladies!

— No girl it looks great and I think that would be a cute idea too 😊 I want to do it now 😊

— @mommybear95 the name and stacking ring were only $25 from ChandysCreations on etsy!

— @sawyersmomma oh OK awesome thank you 😊😍

— I think it looks great and its personal.

— @djcjej thank you!

— That's so sweet!

— @nomli thank you!

— I think that your wedding and the stacking rings are similar but different enough to complement each other.

— @nomli that's what I was hoping for when I ordered them 😊

— No😍😍

— @vicky810. Thanks 😊

— @zaushka_me thank you