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I've posted on here a few times today but I just can't help it. I'm looking at all the baby stuff I have and even doing a little window shopping on the Facebook marketplace, which has me excited. I can't wait to have my baby. I just want to have a little newborn to hold and breast-feed. I don't care if I don't sleep for the next few months and that might be easy to say right now but I'm really looking forward to this baby. As my two-year-old refuses to go to sleep and is running around his room, I still am looking for to bringing another little boy into world. I might be frustrated with my two-year-old but I'm not going to let it take away my excitement of having another child. I feel like I am a good mom and I am so happy I get to raise these three boys together and I hope that one day they will look back and truly appreciate all the love I have given them.

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— •copy and paste• lol this is EXACTLY how I feel! Everyone is like “oh get ready to not sleep at night” and I’m like I already don’t sleep well at night sooooo..... lol I’m so excited to be a mommy of two! And to finally give my son a sibling that he is very excited about! I love this post! 😍😍