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im annoyed with myself at this point for not getting my daughter on a schedule. Her doctor says she shouldn't be drinking a 2oz bottle when she cries at night because she's not hungry if its only 2oz but its so hard knowing that she's crying and we don't know what to do. We've also been cosleeping but we had an accident & don't want it to happen again. Today is day 1 of her crib again and no night bottle but i need some advice/ positive words to get me through these next few days/weeks. 😩 How did you all handle this? Did anyone else go through it?

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— @lovee.n, u mean like falling off ur bed? I say enjoy u little one while u can and b as safe as u can. Start in the crib and then move to your bed. I sleep in the crib with my son it's easier for me to not wake him getting out than me laying him down from rocking

— Maybe try the crib alone for a while until she gets used to that change, and then once that's not new anymore start on the bottle. Maybe switch to water, and she may decide she doesn't want it anymore if it isn't formula. Trying to do two new things at once would be hard.

— When she wakes up in the middle of the night, let her whine/cry for a few minutes. If she’s fine, she’ll generally go back to sleep. If not, keep doing what you’re doing and slowly wait a little longer each night. She’ll eventually get used to it momma. Give her time.

— @txyogagirl, we have a mini crib i wish i could thou lol but that's good advice

— @nomli, yea my MIL gives her water but i think it forms a habit of her still having s bottle and im going to try the crib first i think that's more important

— @scurlock.mommy, i'm trying its just hard because she is used to things and how i do things is different than the in laws and other people