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Is wrong to leave the state with the kids you and your BD reside in and not tell him? FYI he barely sees them and he’s of no help.

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— Nope it’s not y’all not Married or live together so

— I would leave in a heartbeat if my daughters biological father didn't legally have rights 😔 he doesn't see or ask about her at all. Haven't heard from him in 3 years!! But he could legally get me in trouble if I moved out of state and he found out.. so to answer your question no i don't think it's bogus. The only way it could be bogus is if he does love his children and he tries to see them as much as he can

— @anthonysmommie072816, okay thanks I was just wondering because he has habit of taking people to court

— Not unless you're moving out of state

— @maemae, I am moving out of state for 5 months

— In my situation.... both my ex husband an I have to notify the other parent if we are leaving the state for any reason. We were advised to make it it writing or thru text/email. As to avoid any he said/she said conflict if it were to arise. Can't tell tell other parent the can't go, but have to notify them. As each parent has the right to know where their child is. Moving out of state requires a 30 day notification in writting. The other parent can delay the move by requesting a hearing to reevaluate custody/visitation agreements. But we have 50\50 with joint domicile.

— @omaiojobi1214, did he sign their birth certificates?

— @pettybetty, we’re not married and have never been married.

— @pettybetty, I’m the sole legal custodial parent. He doesn’t have any legal rights to them

— He signed one of the birth certificates

— @omaiojobi1214 if he has no legal rights, than you are not legally obligated to do anything. You can freely go wherever. IF he were to try and take you to court... make sure you can prove he has had no contact and has contributed none to the well being of the child.

— @omaiojobi1214 did he sign his rights away?

— @pettybetty, okay thank you.

— @pettybetty, not that I know of

— @omaiojobi1214 well that's it then lol. Since he's a 1% father (I know I have 2 myself) that's all he needs to know. I'll keep in touch for the sake of my kids not yours lol even though I really don't want to and we'll see u maybe when we get back and there's nothing u can say or do cuz we already gone

— @omaiojobi1214 unless he actually signed his rights away, unfortunately he still has legal rights. Even if he doesn't deserve them. Just make sure you document everything and can prove 100% that he isn't an active part of their life. Then you should have no problems

— @maemae, right lol I just gotta make sure I do the right thing without getting myself into any trouble

— Unfortunately if he is on the birth certificate he has rights 😔

— He doesn't have the right to anything in the state of GA. I know that personally. I spent the 1st year of my relationship dealing with my s/o and his baby mama she did the same thing. He has to have a dna test done to prove that the child is actually his and file for sum type of custody in order to have rights.

— @maemae, thank you

— I moved out of state and nothing happened.

— Legally you can't if he still wants a relationship with them. Maybe you can ask him to give up his rights

— You can get into trouble it will be considered kidnapping if he finds out and does something about it.

— @t143, I heard in the state of Georgia fathers don’t have any rights unless they go through custody arrangements

— Do you have your arrangement? It will state it in there. If you don’t have one look up custodial parent’s rights for this topic. Because you’re right, each state is different. Hopefully it goes in your favor.

— @t143, we don’t have one we’ve never been married and he’s barely around

— You don’t have to be married to have one. An agreement is what gives each parent their parental rights it also states the child support. BUT if he isn’t paying child support and he doesn’t really see the child I THINK it’s fine. I know if you have an agreement and you don’t follow it you can get in trouble with the law.

— @t143, he doesn’t pay child support or anything. We don’t have any agreement

— Not unless you have a court order that says you have to tell him. You're pretty much free to do whatever you think is best