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Baby boy turned 2 months on Oct. 12. He’s gotten so big in the past two months. He LOVES “talking” to people. He always has the biggest smiles on his face. He is such a happy baby💙 he still has some trouble holding his head up for a long period of time. His head is in the 90 percentile though lol he’s got a huge head!!! He’s getting stronger and stronger every day. He weighed 12 lbs at his two month check up. He eats 6 OUNCES every 4-6 hours. He’s got a big appetite LOL. I love him so so much though. I’ve never been so happy with life 💙💙💙 I will always give you everything you need Elliot. Mommy will give you the best life she can. I hope somebody you realize how much you truly mean to me baby boy. Xoxo.

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