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Rolling over in bed or rolling out of bed has become a very painful next to impossible task.
39 weeks pregnant tomorrow.

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— Am having that issue and am just 36weeks it's so hard I wanna be over it@ashley1994

— Ill b 39 weeks friday ! I barely even want to try to move .

— @khloemariahsmommy i feel the same way but luckily ill be having my c section friday morning

— Lol i practically beggd my ob to induce me already & shes old fashioned she says when shes ready shes gonna come im just like uggghhh 😣😣😣.

— @ashley1994

— @khloemariahsmommy only reason im having a c section at 39 weeks is because my baby i just had is 10 months old. Dr doesn't want me going into labor. He says a normal delivery could be dangerous.

— Due to me having a previous c section in december