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Anybody have list of what I need for my baby I'm a first time mom and lost I just know about the basics

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— I thought you already had kids lol

— I'm in the same boat. I'm still scrounging stuff up at the last second. Just make sure you start getting things little by little now so you won't be like me. Lol

— @juliaschade41, nope just my puppies

— @damiensmommy1117, 😂😂😂💭 I'm so clueless I have no idea of what to get I'm just waiting for the babyshower

— @vspinktink Yeah, I think I was kind of dumb with waiting to have my baby shower for so long. I'll be 38 weeks the day of my baby shower so that doesn't leave much time to finish getting what we need. Especially since we're living paycheck to paycheck at this point. I have basically made sure we have essentials such as bassinet & crib, stroller & carseat, clothes for at least the first 6 months, thick fluffy blankets, receiving blankets, bibs, bottles, diapers(sizes newborn-2), baby soap and lotion, nail clippers, baby hair brush, baby rags & towel and a baby bath thing for him to lay on so he won't be sliding around. I STILL need wipes because they slip my mind every single time we go shopping for some reason, even if I write them on our list! 😂 I think that's basically everything I have for him so far, but I'm told I'm still missing several things..

— @damiensmommy1117, 😂😂😂 seee that makes me just wanna buy him everything and not have a baby shower

— Any baby shower registry should has a check list of the things you’ll need weather you are having a baby shower or not.