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I can't sit around and wait until this man decides he is ready to come back home. I am better than this and I deserve better than this. If he doesn't feel his priority is his family that he so badly wanted at first then I cannot force it onto him !! As much as I hate saying I'm going to be a single mother I will do it for the sake of my son !!!!

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— I'm in the same boat unfortunately

— You shouldnt have to wait for anyone to want you.

— @beebaby exactly !! I just need to keep my head up and move forward

— They always end up wanting you when you no longer want or need them! And by that time they are too late!!! As much as it may hurt you, let him go.. raise your son to be a better man than him ❤

— You got this too. sounds like your doing it alone already so you know you can.

— @tayler @beebaby thanks ladies and yes you're right.. I know I can I just hate that my wish of having a family the way I pictured isn't gonna happen. But fuc it it's gonna be the way it's supposed to be !

— I'm in the same situation . It hurts so damn bad but we have to just say f em

— @mommynay yeppp 🙏🙏