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So any suggestions on "home remedies to induce labor" besides sex? Me & fiance been doing that but nothing.

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— First always takes the longest when natural anyway. Nothing works to induce labor other than patience. Baby will come when they are good and ready. I learned that when my son came at 42 weeks

— Lol,my ob said she will let me go over a week possibly 2 im beyond ready for this baby girl to come out lol. @beebaby

— I'm sure. I was too. But baby is still growing and the last 5 weeks of pregnancy are the most important. sex is cool but it just give you useless contractions lol, you can try walking but that will make you tired 😂

— Lol ill be 39 weeks tomorrow. Im just praying she makes her appearance soon. Lol. Im over being pregnant !! & true i feel like i ran two miles when i walk 10 steps 😅😅 @beebaby

— Eating eggplant can help

— Thanks ! @bethann87

— Raspberry tea

— Try lemon drop cupcakes

— Evening primrose oil and EGGPLANT PARMESAN!

— Primrose oil??? How do u go about doing that ? @c.marie

— They're capsules. They sell them anywhere really. You can either take it by mouth or squeeze it and insert it vaginally(which is more effective.) and it helps to soften the cervix

— castor oil . I know people have lots to say about it but it usually works if baby is ready . could always try inserting the evening primrose pills or some herbs , etc but the oil pretty much gets it goin if it will work ..within even a few hours lol.

— Nipple sitmualtion bouncing on yoga ball and castor help me have my baby