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I think my son's tongue webbing is to close to the tip of his tongue. I'm not sure tho. Sora's is farther back like mine but kai's seems really close to the tip of his tongue. Should i tell his dr?

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— Yes.... The kid will have a lisp when hes talking. Its called tounge tied..

— @adamsgurl thank you. Is that all it effects?

— It can hurt them in the long run you can speak with his doc

— @twinmomma2b maybe have trouble eating... My daughter had hers cliped the day she was born.. But i already knew what to ask for because her "dad" had a lisp...

— You should definitely tell this to his doc. Actually this can be easily seen when baby is on breastfeeding. There is a small surgery, where doctor cutting tongue webbing. In future he could have difficulty with pronunciation

— @dreamygirl they never breastfed. Always bottle. Next appointment I'm gonna ask him about it

— @twinmomma2b, that is why you didn't notice this before