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Kind of wanna buy my baby everything he needs instead of waisting my money on a shower what do you guys think ?

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— It's better to have a baby shower because you get free stuff you need.

— I think a baby shower is important. You get lots of necessities

— @trevino.ale9, but you have to pay for the babyshower

— @queenglenn, I don't wanna pay for the baby shower

— @vspinktink, somebody else can do it for you like your mom or mother in law etc

— Have a friend help you? Or look on Pinterest there’s way you can throw a cheap shower and still make it look nice

— @queenglenn, @trevino.ale9, I have no help from no one !!!! And I'm living paycheck to pay check that's why I really don't wanna have one

— Have the shower! I made my own decorations which saved lots of money. Pinterest is the best. Do snacks not a full meal. Showers are great because while you get things you need. You’ll also get cute/fun things you didn’t think of.

— @pruneauk, 😭😭 I'm try to go the cheapest route I can but I just feel like I could buy all that myself

— Get stuff little by little. You can literally find almost everything at the dollar store. Doing a diaper raffle at your baby shower will save you lots. With my first I didn’t have to pay diapers till he was 1.

— @vspinktink even the dollar store has babyshower stuff like balloons and napkins plates cups and fun ideas just look on pintrist for ideas. Everything's a dollar with tax a dollar and 6cents exact lol it don't need to be expensive at all

— I felt the same way too. But it ends up being cheaper if you wait. I wanted to just buy it all myself too (mostly because I wanted to start nesting at like 4 months) but after the shower the only thing I needed was crib sheets and batteries! Plus it’s nice to have a little fun time before baby :)

— I always dreamed about the perfect pregnancy announcement and the perfect baby shower (if I ever got pregnant. I always thought I wasn't going to have kids lol)... but truth be told.. I got pregnant while I lived out of state and the idea of throwing a baby shower while I was in town and wasting all that money and having no-one show up terrified me. I chose not to but my sister in law threw me a small one and it was super sweet but sad to say... at the end of it all.. My first thought was.. I could have gotten all of this myself. Lol. It wasn't that I was ungrateful but the whole stress of it wasn't worth it. If you have alot of friends and you know it'll be a great babyshower. Do it! You deserve to be spoiled 😊

— @_danggg, I have no friends 😭😭😭😭 that's the point but maybe both sides of our family will go all out for us !!