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I'm So Tired Of Being The Size And Shape I Am. I Just Completely Wanna Change How I Look... Just Everything. I Wanna Be Smaller, More Healthy, Like People Think I'm Ok With Being The Way I Am But I'm Not.... AT ALL... I Just Need One Person That Understands....

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— I feel the same way ! Thats why im in the process of changing everything wardrobe makeup & all !!!!

— Girllllll I’m with you completely!!!!

— @khloemariahsmommy I have cute fall Clothes but being as big as I am I don't feel comfortable in them. And I was never taught anything about make up. I've only wore it like twice maybe. My hair stays in a bun or a pony tail 24/7... I just for once wanna have someone look at me and say OMG she's beautiful!! But that's not gonna happen

— @jasiahsmom The Struggle is All To Real..... I've Been In Tears Because Of It For 2 Days!

— Lol hun all i ever wear is sweats my hair stays up too i was never taught so i barely wear it as well but going thru this pregnancy made me realize all my daughtrs clothes r super cute so if shes gonna look good so do i. Regsrdless if anyone looks at me i have confidence in myself & my fiance the same way. He accepts me for me & he supports me makn this change. Have u been on wish? They have some really cute stuff thats where im re doing my warddobe from. @princesstobe21

— I hear you and it can be done... I've done it

— Love yourself be happy no matter what your going thru.You deserve happiness