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Any have any baby friendly gluten free recipes/snacks/recommendations? I'm
Not finding a whole lot on Pinterest..

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— Any fruit or veggie. Most meats. Some gluten is hidden in the ingredients. Fresh is best. Walmart and Kroger and even aldi had gf foods.

— Don't give oats either unless they are certified gluten free

— Fruit snacks. A really good brand I like for Mac and cheese and crackers and fruit snacks that are gluten free is Annie’s

— @morganmommy79, thanks! I've been seeing this on lists on Pinterest. I told my ex he needs to do his homework too on this! I doubt he will and that worries me :/

— @eryka616, I'm going to go to the store tomorrow and see what things I can find. I'm pretty sure price chopper has a gluten free section I'll have to scope out tomorrow.

— @missjess, what’s making you go gluten free if you don’t mind me asking

— I think Cheerios are gluten free, anf also Chex.

— @eryka616, son has a wheat allergy

— @nomli, I'm going to check tomorrow he has Cheerios and this fiber cereal. Going to have to find new snacks

— There's gluten free's a bit hard to cook right and I don't think it tastes that good, but others do. There's also gluten free bread that's a bit pricier. Most supermarkets have a gluten free section now, you can get ideas there.

— @missjess, if your ex doesn't do this it will only set your son back. IF he has celiac even a crumb will set him off. You can't take the bun off a sandwich anymore, you have to order with no bread and ask them to not cross contaminate. Kids heal quicker and if he's on a strict gf diet he should be back on track within a year. It takes most adults 3 years to recoup after a strict gf diet. Get him some probiotics (yogurt) if he's not lactose intolerant. Or in another form.