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I go from forgetting to eat for a while (a week or two having to be reminded by my boyfriend to eat) to now where I’m a bottomless pit. My god 🤦🏻‍♀️ I don’t want to gain too much weight but then again I am glad I finally can be a big girl and remember to eat lol

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— Crazy change huh lol I'm with ya there but I actually like the weight I've gained in some areas so I'll be keeping my thighs and butt after pregnancy and mainly working on my tummy and then squats to make my butt the way I want it lol...but I used to have a huge thigh gap and was like I want to stay like 130 or 140 around there it's nice being thick again and my fiance likes it as well he liked me tiny tho as well but he likes this side too

— @zanesmama9496, it just blows my mind that I can flip flop between forgetting to eat then eating like I haven’t eaten in years lol and I mean if I would gain weight in the right areas I would be happy 😃 lol I started out at 150 and am at 146 now my weight has actually dropped a lot then gained it back this pregnancy. I’d like to gain in my butt and thighs a little more. My boyfriend thinks they are big and nice they way they are but hey I think thick thighs and big booties are perfect 😍 lol