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Anyone else have troubles putting diapers on their babies? I have enough troubles with diapers since my son has chunky thighs and wears size 7(only one diaper brand has that size!) He also crawls away or kicks his legs so much i can never put a diaper on him! And because of his diaper size i have to use parents choice on him which is so tricky cuz they leak to where it only works if there on a certain way. I never had this problem with pampers!! Please give me some advice! I dont know how to stop him from moving to put a diaper on him. My husband gives him a roll of tape and he's completely still but idk how i feel about carrying a roll of tape everywhere or letting him naw at a giant roll of tape(keep in mind hes 10 months old)

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— @haifley.tiff, cloth diapers is what u need we have a awesome group full of mommies @theinkedmommy, at 10m I was giving my son a light spat on the fat part of his thigh bc if I didn't get it under control right away he will b a baby crawling and rolling in 💩 and that's no fun. My best friend never made her daughter b still now the kid don't even wanna wear diapers and screams like she's dying just to get a new diaper and she attempts to do it standing which is nuts to me

— Can you try pull-ups? It may be easier than trying to secure a diaper. We had a special toy for diaper changes. He'd only get it during a change so it kept him entertained and was sorta new. You can get two, one for home, one on the go, or even a collection of small baby toys you can rotate.