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Washington, posts from the channel

Venting & TMI

So apparently having a mom body is a bad thing according to this dude. It got me heated after he said "all that too much". Pictures in comments

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— His loss. You don't need some douche bag anyway.

— @rikki.ferguson I didn't care how much I gained as long as my two little boys were healthy inside me

— He sounds like he has the mentality of a 16 y/o.

— @rikki.ferguson oh yeah especially with his hair slicked back

— @brandylynn94 LMAO right! You'll find someone that loves you and your kids. Don't need no fuck boys in your life. It's very wrong of him to be asking for pics of women's bodies.

— @rikki.ferguson like that shit is way unattractive to me. Look like he got greasy hair haha. Hopefully one day

— He actually didn't say it was a bad thing, he just said it's not his thing and it's too much to handle for him. He doesn't HAVE to be attracted to you just like you don't HAVE to be attracted to greasy slicked back hair. Everyone's allowed to like or not like a certain type, it doesn't mean they're a bad person.