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I'm gonna cry. I'm gonna cry so hard tonight because I am in so much pain no matter what it is I do or if I'm laying down. I'm so uncomfortable. I wish I could be woken up when it's my due date.

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— U want to be in labor eat pineapple

— @anacort I'm gonna start trying next Tuesday when I'm 37 weeks to hopefully just help with dilating if I haven't dilated yet when I get checked tomorrow but I've been eating pineapples this whole pregnant is that bad?!

— @mamamia__ yoga ball. I did it for 3 days and started dilating

— @nerdlove1315 wow. How does that help with dilating anyways? And how long for those three days did you bounce on it?

— Helps open up your hips. I bounced and everything for an hour, 3 times a day.

— @mamamia__ yes it's bad

— @mamamia__ makes u go into labor early and have bad pains