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Today is a bad day. I am tired, emotionally, physically and mentally. I've said this before plenty of times. I suffered from PPD, and I believe it's still here. Today is just a bad day. I'm emotionless. I'm tired of being a human step stool, a human pillow, a chef, a teacher, a doctor. I'm tired of being a savior. I'm tired of making sure everyone and e erything else is okay before myself. I'm tired of giving advice. Tired of feeling like no one is here for ME. I hate that nothing is going my way. I just feel so lost. I hate feeling like this.

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— So I too struggle with this balance. You have to look at it differently. For now yes your all those things but so much more. If roles were reversed how sad would you be missing all that? You need you time. I have three kids I know it’s hard to find. Get up early (before everyone) you make time for what you want so make you time. Get out of the house, go on walks. I recommend seeing/talking to someone that helps tremendously

— @mommiesgoneabitmad that makes sense. I dont think I've figured it all out yet. I don't wanna go crazy so I hope its soon. I was taking medicine before for PPD but I didn't like it. I definitely will try to get up earlier (I love sleep tho lol) and try to do more things for me. Thank you, love!!!