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So what's getting your cervix checked feel like??
Does it hurt?

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— @mommy2bean i wish i could tell you but my son came too early for that part, i assume it is uncomfortable

— it’s uncomfortable. my dr was nice about it so it didn’t hurt at all. but when the nurses checked me. ruthless.

— It was my least favorite part of both my pregnancies. Depending on how soft your cervix is it may hurt or just be uncomfortable.

— For me it depends who does it, my ob did it and it was just uncomfortable but the nurses did it also a few times before labor and it just flat out hurt i screamed.

— @mamaash, same story! And the nurse being a woman you think would be gentle!!

— It was uncomfortable. Don’t fight it at all, you’re gonna have to go through it anyway. Might as well just cooperate. My ob office said it’s a difficulty having the women reach calmly

— I didn't feel anything at all, besides obviously her pushing her fingers up there. Lol. I've have 2 cervical checks and both times no pain or anything. Just relax. The only thing was, after I had some bleeding with the second one. It freaked me out and I called my OB because it looked like more than spotting, but they assured me that it wasn't a big deal as long as the bleeding doesn't get worse.