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*TMI: opinions needed. Photo in the comments.

This lying cheating ass motherfucker.... I’m trembling as I write....

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— Are these cum stains or am I crazy?

— Looks like it to me. But kinda hard to tell.

— Could be lotion? Are these boxers?

— You not crazy. That's what it looks like.

— @andkitch1992, he doesn’t use lotion. Yes men’s boxers...

— Are those the inside of his boxers? Cause it kinda looks like it to me.

— @halifax6, yup the inside

— It does look like cum but I'm trying to think why would he cum on himself if he was cheating

— @andkitch1992, there’s white cat hair on the inside of his boxers as well.... we have a black cat and stays outdoors... so

— @denisalozic717 it looks a lot like precum, maybe he got a little excited. What did he do today? Or the day he wore those.

— @halifax6, he went fishing supposedly

— @denisalozic717 and, that is more than a stray cat hair, there are several.. That does make this more suspicious.

— What was his excuse?

— @babydiehl2016 my husband said it looks like his boxers when he and I would mess around, making out and getting a little handsy before we ever had sex while we were dating. @denisalozic717

— @babydiehl2016, the stain is dried up. He’s been home less than 40 mins. He’s been out for hours. When he came home he changed and left within half an hour doesn’t make room for any time that he could possibly do that. But thank you for the opinion.

— @andkitch1992, I haven’t confronted him yet. After I saw the underwear and went back to bed he was asleep.

— Sorry to say hun. Looks like cum to me.

— That looks like the inside of my fiance's boxers after we have sex and he puts his junk away while there's still cum on it. Stuff them in his mouth. That's what I would do. 😤

— @denisah417, have you spoken to him yet beaut?

— This looks like he has the drips. From an std. That would be my guess. OR it could also be from him getting excited when guys get hard and horny but don't do anything about it they pre cum a little. I ask my man that's what he said.