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So apparently I'm wasting space in my brain and screwing with my sub conscious because I'm upset that a girl not only lied about having one miscarriage but two! When she had abortions. She only does it for attention and it pisses me off. She even planned these pregnancies and terminated them without her boyfriends knowing. They planned it out together! I myself have a rainbow baby. I don't like talking about what happened because it's hard. Lots of woman can't have children. She chooses to have one and then does this shit?! It's disgusting! But I'm in the wrong!

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— That is repulsive. Girl I feel no sympathy towards women who have abortions. Esp that. That is plain murder.

— I knew this girl in highschool who was absolutely baby crazy, extremely excited to start a family. A couple years later and I hear she has had 3 abortions past 16 weeks. I thought maybe there were complications or something so I messaged her letting her know I was there for her always and that I was so sorry for her losses. She says "Why? Lol" I was kind of caught off guard by that and as it turns out she terminated to spite her husband. Each time she got pregnant he would beg her to keep it and she told him she would, but wouldn't. Her third one she waited until she was 22 weeks along because she wanted him to feel the baby first. The limit here is 24 weeks. She is now in a mental institution and her mother is her designated guardian again. It breaks my heart that people like her can get pregnant, but some ladies and couples who really deserve a family, cant.

— @damiensmommy1117, that's fucked up. I hate that shot