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When the fuck did things go so left? You went from being the love of my life to being the person I hate the most on this planet in a split second.... 5 years, 3 apartments, two cars, 2 pets, one beautiful baby girl and one more on the way. And you want to throw away your family for some other woman to make you feel “good” for 5 minutes?

If you were trying to get rid of me then mission accomplished, you’ve succeeded. I really hope she was worth it. Because we are done, you can kiss my ass goodbye for life.

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— I'm so sorry. Did you mention it to him?

— @andkitch1992, he’s still asleep. When he wakes up I’m going to talk to him.

— Hope he has an explanation. I am going through a similar crisis, i know it hurts. Praying for strength for you and your babies!

— @andkitch1992, thank you I hope you and I both can get through this 😢

— I ammm so so sorry im here if u need to talk

— Mens are trashhh!

— Lesson learned. Now you're a fighter -- now you won't take shit from no man ever again. Now you will realize just how strong you really are, because you have to be. No mercy, give him Hell.

— Ugh I am so sorry... praying for u

— @deepsoul0490, thank you !