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So the picture in the comments is my sons belly button currently. It's been two days since his umbilical cord fell off. Does this look normal? I'm a FTM so I'm not sure at all

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— I don’t see a picture. But I’m concern about my son’s too and he’s my third, it may be an outie maybe?!?!. My mom says it’s fine. I will come back to check your picture.

— No picture?

— The picture won't load right now, hold on

— @jacksmama17 my daughters was like that, i showed the doctor and he said its a granuloma (not serious or health threatening) and they had to cauterize it. it can be done right in the office at his next appt.

— @angylynn22, what does that do?

— and it didnt hurt her when he did it by the way...ik cauterize sounds scary

— @jacksmama17 itll just make that tissue heal so that its not open like it is now. itll be completely normal afterward

— That's what my sons looked like. His doctor just gave us an ointment that protected it from getting infected and it healed up quickly.