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Ok ladies my son had been on a few eating strikes that’s why I’m asking this question... He was sick all day Tuesday BUT he hasn’t eaten anything but popsicles and a few pieces of cheese since Monday night.. no fever and drinking ok...Should I take him in to the Peds?

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— I think hes just being a lil stubborn thats how they get at that age if it goes on for a couple more days yes take hin in because it would be bad if popsicles an cheese became a habit for him <3 :)

— Some might say since there is no fever his appetite would probably come back slowly. But personally, I would still take him to the doctor just since it's been 4 days of eating like that. I don't think there's harm in getting a professionals opinion and that will give you peace of mind as well.

— I’d try the baby food pouches me son did the same thing but other than that I would call dr