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21 weeks and 3 days! Baby was so active at our anatomy ultrasound! 1 week and 2 days till we find out if our baby is a princess or a Jedi at our gender reveal! ❤️🤰🏻🤗🤗🤗🤗

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— Aww congrats

— @littleone95, thank you!!!💗

— they didnt tell you the gender 🙄🙁 @malainaheka23

— @mothermother, lol my boyfriend is making me wait till our gender reveal next Saturday... so I had the tech put the gender picture in an envelope and seal it for me. 😊😅

— heheheh how sweeeet awe i love thattt ! 😍😍😍 @malainaheka23

— @mothermother, yeah! His brother and sister in-law is throwing it for us so we promised we'd wait till the party. 🤗