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I know this is a hot debate so please no bashing*judgement*or negativity towards each other... just asking for opinions... how do you guys feel about cereal and when did you start giving it to your baby if you did?

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— Didn't give it to my son until he was 6 months old and he only got it in his bottle right before bedtime. Only gave it to him once a day.

— Cereal is empty calories, so it’s not really doing anything for your babe, other than being a potential choking hazard. (If used in bottle) Doctors generally suggest cereal for babies that have extreme acid reflux. That’s just my spin on things. 😊

— We gave it to my son at 2 months per dr but he didn’t care for it this time I’m making my own that has more nutrients than store bought

— I gave it to my baby once he got a little older because he would be constantly hungry and fussy, so we put the cereal with the formula to thicken it up and make them feel full

— I agree with @theinkedmommy, and if I decide to give my baby any cereal it would be oatmeal cereal with formula and fed with a spoon (I’m still debating tho)

— @mommywynn2017 I started a baby spoon of rice cereal in the formula last week. Not every bottle

— I used oatmeal but only to thicken the baby food I’ve made since he’s older and doesn’t need his food to be as thin anymore