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Update ! We won't be able to afford a 36$/day daycare. So I did my best to not cry too much lol. And found a 7.75$/day daycare. Sh*t just got real ! I won't be seeing my boy during the day anymore. Still crying here lol. How did you gals deal with this ? Doesn't help that I'm about to get my period this week 😣😣

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β€” The first week was rough for me but it gets easier. It took about a month for Liam not to cry when I dropped him off so that made it a lot easier too lol

β€” @meghan.brophy good lol I was crying already and the day hasn't come yet. Thank you miss

β€” @dizz_d, it’s hard! When does he start? I cried the first couple times too lol

β€” How did you manage to find a daycare at such an affordable price@dizz_d

β€” @sexynats40 it was his GODMOTHER who helped us out .She asked around and checked the internet

β€” @meghan.brophy he starts Nov 6th

β€” @dizz_d ok thanks... I have been checking as well... hope I find one that is as reasonable.

β€” @sexynats40 it's a subsidized daycare don't give up ask around you'll find one mama bear πŸ€—