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Trying to Сonceive

Last month my period was late but it came havent had sex since then So yesterday i woke up to pink spotting on tissue so i put a pad on the pad was empty all day and then today i woke up still nothing on the pad except for when i wipe even on the tissue its a very small amount of pink spots?? Confused asf?? Somebody anybody i need answerrs ? Lol

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— @nitarose070793 but I thought tht happends 6-12 days after conception ?? I havent had sex since before my last period .. ?

— @nitarose070793 yeah i know . lol ive been feeling wierd all month tho i have mild headaches and lasy month i thru up off noodles around the time my last period started . . and i love noodles .. Lol but i also have this sore kind of pressured feeling in my abdomen. . so idk hmm.

— Last month i tested before my period came because as i said it was late so i was concerned ... But it was (-) havent tested since then..

— @nitarose070793

— Okay ill go get one sometime today and ill let yu know the result to my panic lol .

— Good luck hun

— I really don't know what did the doctor say @lovedontfade23,

— @jody1 didnt g2 doc.