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MMR vaccine at 1 y.o. Any thoughts moms? Any bad experience?

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— My daughter didnt react to any of her injections :)

— @winterbaby95, I’ve heard there were some cases of autism after this vaccine. So started to panic now 😬

— @mommy.ollie Autism is genetic. Nothing to do with a vaccine hun. Dont let people feed you that shit 😂 I'm not autistic...neither or my 4 siblings or my daughter as far as I can tell :) she is a happy healthy girl :) Autism is more common in boys anyway... :) But its deffo genetic and not caused by some injection thats out there to protect you...honestly if it was linked to rather my daughter have autism than die from something i couldve protected her from. Speak to a.professional hun...the doctor that said it was linked to autism...had his licence taken off him and his theory debunked xx

— @winterbaby95, think so too! That theory didn’t make any sense🤔 as I read that autism is a genetic thing. But just wanted to do my own research and ask as many people as I can otherwise won’t be able to sleep well. that’s what happens when you read too much crap online🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️