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I hate being home all afternoon with my son in a house full of 10 people. It’s just too much, we have absolutely no privacy and no space to do anything. I wish apartments weren’t so expensive in New Jersey cause we’re still saving up to get a decent priced one... AND on top of that, I have absolutely no friends whatsoever anymore. 🙄

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— Even when living with family you have no privacy they're all up on your business 😐, I totally know what you're going through

— Living with my family after I had my son was the worst. Luckily my dad let me take the extra apt in our house for 500 bucks a month

— I know! 🙄 I live in my mother’s house. Although we have our own apartment. People are always banging on my door and just walk in. They know when I’m home because my car is parked in the garage.