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Anyone got eczema I can't cope with it anymore had it since I was young but now anything makes it flare up etc. Shaving, being warm, stressed etc. What do you girls recommend may need to go the docs I think!

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— Aveeno is a godsend for me xxx

— Does it really work?. Like I mean I'm never satisfied with any creams etc I've had. Like how do you deal with shaving etc? Xxx @katymoore993

— Can’t see very well but I’m having a major flare up due to using dettol and having no cream but honestly within 2 days that would be clear , it’s amazing !! I’m so sensetive to everything and this works amazing for me xxx

— I don’t get it on my legs very much so shaving isn’t really an issue xxx

— Awe sorry to hear I completely understand an kno how horrid it is! Have you tried betnovate and diprobase. I find them really good. I was born with sever eczema you couldn't see any skin it was just so dry and cracked, I'm 21 now and it's better and just have it arms, hands and back of my legs but winter it's bad summer it aweful cant win! There's lots of cream personally I think it depends how bad it is, Aveno is suppose to be good but for me it burns same story with cetraben an e45 but mine does get really bad an dry go doctors see what they say x

— @katymoore993 oh gosh I get mine on my arms, legs and butt lol. I've not tried aveeno never been recommended to try it. Yeah I am as well worse with heat and shaving. That's the main thing that makes my legs really irritated shaving so need a less irritating option lol xxxx

— @lexi109 it's horrible makes me feel less of a woman I'd rather be hairy lol doesn't irritate me as much lol. I've had betnovate not to bad and I have dermol wouldn't say they are perfect. I got it when I was a toddler I think and it was really bad I'd make it bleed and it's getting like that again now. Yeah think I'll go docs best way really need it sorted cos it affects me everyday :(. X

— @xxjadeleannebxx, awe :( ik the feeling I had depression for years when it's bad I just get so sad and frustrated as my hands get cracked and I can't use them much but I need to try get over it now I have my boy :/ I was so happy when I saw my lil boy doesn't have it! Ah right betnovates to put oils in you're skin I hate the feel of it lol, yeah you're doctor will give you a cream you need wether it be steroid based or not up to them I had steroid tablets before aswell but personally I think all the amount of steroids I've had growing up effected my eczema too didn't help but I have every type you can get y fortunately x

— Oooh really that's gonna be expensive though isn't it when to need to keep using it. I don't pay for my prescriptions xx